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    企业简介/Company profile

          Henan Huibo Medical Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 838460), established in 2004, has a registered capital of 60 million yuan and covers an area of 115 mu. It is based on the large medical treatment and serves the great health. It is an international company with 5 production-oriented subsidiaries and 1 personal medical supplies management and service platform, with medical dressings and rehabilitation intelligent equipment as its main business, and special medical food, sterilization and protection, health textile and other industries The company has passed ISO13485, EU CE certification and FDA registration. The company has authorized 86 domestic patents and 4 PCT international patents, and successfully passed the intellectual property management system certification in March 2018....


    最新资讯/Latest News

  • Cooperate with each other to contribute to the rehabilitation of Yuanyang people


    On the afternoon of September 8, Dean Zheng Shezhong, Vice Dean Dong Shiwei of Yuanyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Zhu Guixiang, Vice Dean and Director of Rehabilitation Department of Yuanyang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited Sidick (China).

  • Strengthen mutual communication and jointly promote the development of the rehabilitation industry


    On September 7, Dean Wang Peng of the General Hospital of Pingmei Shenma Medical Group visited Huibo Medical to learn more about the cooperation model

  • Professor Han Huimin, a famous diabetic foot expert, visited Huibo Medical


    September 5-7, Member of the Standing Committee of the Professional Committee of Infection and Injury Prevention and Control of the Chinese Association of Preventive Medicine, leader of the Diabetic Foot Prevention and Treatment Group...

  • Joint action to promote the healthy development of elderly rehabilitation


    On September 6, Director Zhu of the Department of Aging of Henan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission, and President He of the Provincial Second People's Hospital visited Sidic (China) Zhengzhou Operation Center for inspection.

  • Henan: Party building in the whole region leads the "two new" organizations to courageously assume


    In 2019, under the leadership of party building, Henan Huibo Medical’s annual target was overfulfilled, its strategic plan was once again improved, and it successfully entered the fast lane of rapid development.

  • Do not forget the original intention, keep in mind the mission" theme education


    ​In order to vigorously promote the spirit of patriotism, further strengthen the ideological education of party members, inherit the red memory, realize the original mission, and learn the power of example.

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